Teaching Philosophy

I believe that an instructor should play an active role in students’ education. This means that they include relevant material in the lecture and make it engaging in order to discourage multitasking on personal cellular devices.

Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development is a relevant teaching theory that can be implemented successfully at any level of education. To learn effectively an individual must be taught from someone who has a greater understanding of the material. The role of the instructor is to provide a foundation of knowledge so that new building blocks can erect a final structure from which students can begin creating their own foundations.

I was given the opportunity to work alongside an instructor at Garden City Community College. During that time, I worked with him in the classroom, learning from his teaching style and his interaction with the students. In the final half of the semester, I was allowed to lecture and come up with my own material. I distributed tests and assignments which were inline with the grading scale created by the teacher.

You can visit the Teaching Samples page to see some of the instructional material and tests I put together for students.