Praise & Recognition

From my instructor when I was a student-teacher at GCCC

“One of the reasons Paul was allowed to do the student-teaching is because of his maturity and knowledge of the material being covered. Paul was able to show that he not only knew the material but had the ability to explain and teach the material to groups of students.

I would highly recommend Paul for a teaching position at any level. He is dedicated and has the knowledge and drive to become a very good teacher.”

– Leonard Rodenbur, Instructor, GCCC

From Pastor Ratcliffe in MN

“Paul is a driven individual with a desire to learn. His capacity for retaining information as well as putting that information into use is inspiring. Paul makes good use of his time and expects the same from those around him. His educational background enables him to read and understand the people he serves. His personal skills are strong. Paul converses in a way to exhibit his care and engagement in the conversation, while also keeping you as a listener comfortable and at ease.

Paul is also a strong man of faith. He has a firm grasp of the teaching of Scripture. He can explain concepts and discuss details. He lives his faith instead of only acknowledging it when convenient. Paul also is not afraid to question the accepted norm.”

– Andrew Ratcliffe, Pastor, St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Perham, MN

A number of students from GCCC wrote reviews/testimonials after they were through with the class I was student-teacher of.

Here are some brief excerpts…

Overall, I feel like you did a great job teaching our class. You seemed to be an engaged teacher who cares about their students. I hope you don’t lose your desire to see your students succeed, not only in your classroom but also in life.
– Natasha Weilert
What I really enjoyed about the class is that he (Mr Jackson) is closer to our age and can understand the struggle we might go through understanding the material that is given. The discussion questions given were stimulating and helpful.
– Audrey Foil
I think that you did a very good job explaining information in class and giving examples of the information we were learning. The Powerpoints you printed off were helpful for our learning. Also the video clips were too very helpful. I think you did know information about the different chapters and you were not reading word per word in the book, you were explaining it for a better understanding for us.
– Sylvia Ortiz